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Radio Candy "The Family Deal"

30-35 Internet Radio Station Ads: $400.00
Radio Candy keeps it simple. We will get you 30-35 Internet Radio Station Ads (2 songs-per-campaign) for a total of $400.00.
We ask that you PayPal Radio Candy at
( a $200.00 retainer fee at the start of the campaign.
Radio Candy will verify the station Ads with emails and/or social media coverage after they have accepted your song on their station. Most Internet stations do not have playlists, so we use emails (and/or social media) as proof. We may use a screen grab from their sites, as well.

(Additional Station Ads are $10-per-station Added in addition to the 15 stations in "The family Deal.")

Important: Radio Candy MUST accept your material before we can start. so........

Contact: Marc Platt

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