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The Radio Candy Indie Radio Show


Wouldn't it be great to have people hear your music all over the world after you spent all that time and money producing it?

Radio Candy believes that everyone should have a chance to have your music heard. We have contacts on Internet Radio throughout the world and will do our best to get your "Radio Single" on the Radio Indie Alliance charts.

Radio Candy is here to navigate the Internet Radio World for you. We have contacts and relationships that will make your life easier to be the music creators you are. It takes a lot of research and elbow grease to actually get music placed on Internet radio stations. That is what we do for you at very reasonable rates, while you can post the results on your Social Media Pages and keep making that great music. See our Packages for details.


RJ Comer            The Surreal McCoys      The Blue Dolphins        Mateo Stevens           Sariah                           Kylie Hughes

Jaq Mackenzie                  Peppina                         Candice            Darryl Johnson       Abstrakto          The Tearaways       The Anderson Council

Spiritual Machines  Young Presidents    Millie Courtney       Floor Models         DE LA TORRE        Angie &  Deserters           Sasha's Bloc              Nick Piunti

IMC Magazine article (April, 2016 Issue)





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